Timothy Murphy
(b. 1951)
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Additional poems posted June, 2002.



Bad Karma
The Cook Fire
The Dead Poet
The Drowned Immortal
Eighty-eight at Midnight
The Failure
Failures of Promise
The Gift of Hera
Haunted by Waters
The Honey Wagon
It Is Very Far North
Kelly's Lament
The Last Sod Busters
The Making of an Artist
The Muromachi Cranes
The Quarrel / Return to Beartooth
Razing the Woodlot
The Talisman
Tessie's Talk / Tessie's Time
To an Arrogant Young Man
The Track of a Storm
Vulture Acres


The Deed of Gift (Story Line Press,1998) collects Timothy Murphy's poems from 1976 to 1996.  Very Far North (Waywiser Press, London, 2002) is Murphy's latest collection.  Set the Ploughshare Deep: A Prairie Memoir (Ohio University Press, 2000) is an account in verse and prose of Murphy's life as a hunter and farmer on the high plains.  The Deed of Gift may be purchased directly from Story Line Press.  Click on the link below to purchase Ploughshare and Very Far North from Amazon.com.