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Uncle Jerry


i.m. Jerry Mullally (1915-1995)


That cup of coffee Uncle Jerry'd pour

Each morning "for the water" they'll just throw out.

From now on he can always go without,

As he believed, for he will thirst no more,

A gracious man who let others go ahead

And turned from small disputes, though once he squeezed

My neck to let me know that he was pleased

With something hard some loudmouth neighbor said.

So he was subtle, too, not merely nice.

He went to Mass each morning, then the plant,

And reached a gentle outcome with each daughter.

I'd name wrongs he committed, but I can't,

Who, to my knowledge, did not have a vice,

And took his coffee only for the water.


Anthony Lombardy



____; originally printed in Pivot.  Reprinted by permission
of the author.

by Grapholina

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