Edgar Lee Masters
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In 1915, Edgar Lee Masters published The Spoon River Anthology, a book of 244 poems spoken by the deceased residents of Spoon River (a rural area in Illinois) from their graves on "the hill".  The book created a stir because many of the supposedly fictional speakers were recognizable as real people.  The poems are remarkable for the breadth of personalities and the honesty with which they speak.  All the poems were written in free verse, which puts them outside the scope of this "formalist" anthology.  Nonetheless, I include some here because they are moving and haunting.  These poems are food for my spirit like no other.  I recommend this book more strongly than any other book of poetry. Editor



The Hill
Minerva Jones
Doc Hill
Sarah Brown
Flossie Cabanis
Johnnie Sayre
Zenas Witt
Dorcas Gustine
Margaret Fuller Slack
Aner Clute
Louise Smith
Herbert Marshall
George Gray
John M. Church
Pauline Barrett
Mrs. Charles Bliss
Daniel M'Cumber
Elsa Wertman
Elizabeth Childers
Ami Green
Mabel Osborne
Rebecca Wasson
Hannah Armstrong
Lucinda Matlock