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Poet, Singer, Necromancer—

I cease to run.  I halt you here,

Pursuer, with an answer:


Do what you will.

What blood you've set to music I

Can change to chlorophyll,


And root myself, and with my toes

Wind to subterranean streams.

Through solid rock my strength now grows.


Such now am I, I cease to eat,

But feed on flashes from your eyes;

Light, to my new cells, is meat.


Find then, when you seize my arm

That xylem thickens in my skin

And there are splinters in my charm.


I may give in; I do not lose.

Your hot stare cannot stop my shivering,

With delight, if I so choose.


Alicia E. Stallings



© Alicia E. Stallings.  From Archaic Smile,
University of Evansville Press; reprinted by

permission of the author.

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